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Corian® Solid Surface Widesheet now available in a wide range of sizes and aesthetics!

Trusted by the design community around the world to create warm and inviting spaces that enables easy disinfection, Corian® Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions is now available in multiple popular colors. Perfect for large scale commercial applications and businesses including Healthcare, Education, Food Service and Retail.

Save Time, Labor Costs and Inventory Space

Help optimize the fabrication process for faster installations in applications that previously required multiple sheet seams to be joined.

A Sustainable Choice

The leading provider in the only material category that can deliver Non-Porous, Seamless, Low VOC which are critical to keeping surfaces clean. Corian® Solid Surface is Green Guard Gold certified, which means it contributes to indoor air quality and can be trusted for even the most vulnerable populations. Cover more space with less material waste! All while contributing to Green Building and LEED building accreditation.

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