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Keeping Our Surfaces Clean in Our Most Important Spaces

Taking Care of What’s Most Precious to Us

Corian® Solid Surface is trusted by thousands of healthcare facilities around the world to create warm and inviting spaces that enable easy disinfection.

The Power of 3 – Non-Porous, Seamless, Low VOC

The leading provider in the only material category that can deliver all 3 features which are critical to keeping surfaces clean. Corian® Solid Surface is Green Guard Gold certified, which means it contributes to indoor air quality and can be trusted for even the most vulnerable populations.

A New Normal for Commercial Industries

Social distancing, handwashing stations, partitions and innovative design are all going to play an important part of enabling food service, hospitality, education and the retail industry for the foreseeable future. We’re working with commercial brands around the world to help them solve design challenges and think outside the box.

Corian® Solid Surface Plays a Critical Role in Preventing Healthcare Acquired Infections Throughout the Entire Hospital

Waiting Rooms, Casework, Operating Room Walls, Nurses Stations, Overbed Tables and Furniture, Decontamination Rooms, Patient Rooms, Cafeteria Counters, MRI Machines, ED Rooms, Hand Washing Stations, Hallways and Wayfinding, Restrooms and Showers, Pediatrics, Neotatal Units.

Collaborating to Get the Job Done

The world needs design solutions and smart materials now. We’ve teamed up with top designers and fabricators to provide finished solutions which can be implemented with speed.

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